Tom Tom 1.6 App Update For iPhone Includes Map Share

TomTom is recognized as one of the top players when it comes to navigation. Users of their iPhone app will be pleased to hear that the company has just released an update to its map app.

Mashable say, its new 1.6 version gains Map Share capabilities with crowd-sourced alterations. This will allow users to adjust their maps and make changes to things like street names or posted speed limits. These changes can then be shared with other TomTom users.

As confirmed by Cnet, TomTom followers will receive the updates automatically every week, or if they choose to override and do it manually.

With these verified adjustments, TomTom users can not only assist their fellow travelers but also enjoy the benefits of up-to-date changes to their route.

If you currently have the TomTom app then the update can be downloaded for free through iTunes App Store. For those that wish to jump on the navigation train, prices start at $39.99 for the U.S. maps.

Tell us if you will be updating your TomTom app, or signing up as a first timer?

  • JDBaughman

    If you have an iPhone4 with IOS 4.2.1 and currently have TomTom V 5.1 then DO NOT updateto V 6.1 because it has issues and the app does not run. everyone is having problems with it. keep 1.5 andwait for a fix to be released before updating to v 1.6.

  • MeMeMe

    I have an iPhone with iOS 4.2.1 and upgraded from 1.5 (get the numbers right eh?) to 1.6 with no problems whatsoever. So, clearly not everyone is having problems with it.