iPad purchases at Best Buy will receive free mobile hotspots

If you’re thinking of buying an Apple iPad for Christmas but don’t want the extra expense of paying for a mobile hotspot then we have news that will be right up your street. Best Buy is offering a great deal at the moment for an iPad bundle that includes free MiFi.

Best Buy seems to be doing it’s very best to enhance its image lately as earlier today we also posted an article about the fact it is abolishing its restocking fees on returned electronic products. The iPad bundle, available only until January 2, includes AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Mi-Fi which can support up to 5 devices, according to Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac.

There’s always a catch of course and in this case you need to sign up with whichever carrier’s Mi-Fi you choose for 2 years. Over at Electronista an article points out this is a big discount from the carrier deals available at the moment and says it’s not yet known if this is purely a Best Buy initiative or one in conjunction with Apple.

What are your thoughts on this iPad bundle deal from Best Buy? Have you seen any better deals? We’d like to hear from you so why not send us your comments about this.

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    What exactly do you get for free, and if you have to sign a two year contract, what is the monthly charge on that? Unrelated question, if you have a Kindle and want an iPad, can you read the books you've already purchased for your Kindle using the Ipad Kindle app or will only your new book purchases be available on the iPad Kindle app?

    -Joe Wagner
    Founder, Gold Flow Points http://www.goldflow.com