iPhone: Norad Santa Tracker App Available Now

Christmas is literally just around the corner, in fact eight more sleeps until the big day. But when can we officially say that the holiday season has got underway? Is it when we first start to buy those presents for our loved ones, the children break up from school and the TV is then inundated with Christmas programmes, or is it when we first log onto Norad’s Santa Tracker on Christmas eve. This allows the children to track Santa on his travels around the world to see where he is dropping off the presents. But today news has come through that iPhone owners can also enjoy this experience with a simple app.

The app developed by “Talus Media LLC” will set you back just £0.59 or $0.99, downloadable from iTunes. Tim over at PR News has reported of this incorporating not just one app but in fact 6. These include World Population and Educational Map, North Pole Blog, Santa’s Official Nice List, Santa Text to ask the main man any questions you may have, and a official Countdown Timer. Another benefit to using the app on your device is that you can add your child’s name which will be shown on the “Santa’s List.”

Over at appshopper.com you will be able to find out more detail including how to customise your app. Be warned, you may experience loading and crashing issues due to the large app, so you may need to restart your handset.


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