BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date: March 2011?

Since September, the internet has been rife with reports of the forthcoming RIM “BlackBerry PlayBook.” Up until now, we have sourced what the specifications will no doubt be, but today it seems we may be a little closer to finding out it’s release date.

Alan over at PR News, has sourced via Engadget, that the tablet device is looking to be a March release. Following on from an earnings call this week, developers for the PlayBook, Research in Motion, were keen to share that the device was coming in the 1st Quarter 2011 and indications show that this starts in March.

Back in November, we reported on a statement from RIM’s CEO “Jim Balsillie” who said that the PlayBook would be competitively priced against the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, in fact the 7-inch BlackBerry would be retailed for approximately $500.

Specifications if you do not already know will include, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, Dual Front and Back HD Cameras along with news of 16GB, 32GB and even 64GB available versions along with a bigger 5300 mAh battery to aid with increased life.

What do you think about news of a March release? Do you think the PlayBook can position itself amongst an already evolving market of tablets? Let us know.

  • Guest

    Playbook's long delays and what seems to be 2-3 steps behind everyone leave me wanting… so much so that my i will be able to renew my phone contract around the same time and i can foresee adroid completely destroying RIM in the next 3 months… don't quite understand where the worlds largest phone maker can not make a pad in a timely fashion. sorry RIM, your delay may be your death

  • Lurch

    ^ wrong ^

  • Kadie

    I agree. The fact that RIM is always in the background is concerning. While contending with Apple is bad enough, there are tablets coming out from other manufacturers that are being introduced on a daily basis. By the time RIM gets the launch off the ground, it may already be too late to compete. While I love my BlackBerry devices, it would have been nice (and a excellent marketing idea) to see the release of this item before Christmas, or at the very least in January rather than trying to release at the same time that Apple did with the iPad. Someone at RIM needs to be replaced because hype of a product wears off when other tablets with similar features are being released quickly

  • dimi

    let not even talk about tablets, RIM seems to be running out of steam with smartphones as well. The so called iphone killer "storm 3" is still non existent. I have been using bb for more than 10 years, but i am on the edge now. I am this close to start a forbidden relation with an iphone, RIM please do somthing…