iPad After Market Camera Kit: Beats Apple’s Own

We all know by now Apple’s iPad tablet device is certainly giving it’s competition a run for it’s money. It includes some fantastic features enabling you to access the world wide web in the palm of your hand, gaming and reading books with the pinch to zoom feature. Along with this, the tablet rotates from portrait to landscape making it an ideal way of viewing your photo albums, but what about the transferring of photos from your camera. It’s this very item we wanted to bring you news on.

PR News has just reported on a new 3-in-1 camera connection kit giving you the equivalent of Apple’s official one. The kit, currently available from China retails at just $29 from the M.I.C Gadget store. The guys over at Gizmodo stated that this is an improvement on the 2-in-1 iPad camera connection kit already available. Not only will you benefit from USB input, but also SD and Micro SD cards.

What we know from Gizmodo, is that although the official Apple kit retails for the same money, it incorporates two connectors, one for the SD card and one for the USB.

So would you rather pay the same money for the 3-in-1 version in black or white, with the peace of mind of having one single connector plus Micro SD input, or Apple’s offering? Let us know below.

  • Dr. Cherie

    There is such a small difference in price, I'd rather spend the money in the US.

  • Steve

    I have the 2 in 1 kit. It always reports back as Not Supported on my iPad 2. I tried the SD and the USB port. Both do the same. So not willing to have another device that doesn't work. I probably will just by Apple's Kit. They seem to lock everybody out of the connector. Seems they don't like competition…