Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition: In time for Christmas

Since the Samsung Galaxy Tab appeared on the market it has proved one of the few viable contenders to the hugely-successful Apple iPad although next year will see an influx of new tablet devices such as a Samsung Gloria, the RIM BlackBerry Playbook, several tablets from Acer and as we reported on earlier today a Motorola tablet running Android Honeycomb.

However if you or somebody you love has got your heart set on a Samsung Galaxy Tab for Christmas we have news of a special “Luxury” Galaxy Tab available. Mike Luttrell over on TG Daily brings us the news that Samsung will release this luxury edition for around $1000 (749 euros). It’s not exactly as it might seem though, it’s not a Galaxy Tab encrusted with diamonds but instead the usual Galaxy Tab with an exclusive case in leather, along with a Bluetooth headset.

The device will be launched this Wednesday, December 15 and the luxury bundle will be on sale for a limited period only, through to January 31, 2011 according to Kunal over on Samsung Hub. It might of course be cheaper to simply buy a normal Galaxy Tab, leather case and Bluetooth handset separately but we suspect the Luxury Edition might come in a nice box!

Would you pay $1000 for this Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition? Are you adding it to your Christmas wish list? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so please do send us your comments.