iPhone & iPod: 16 Players For Real Racing 2

If you are a fan of high speed competition car racing on the move, the chances are that you are also a fan of Real Racing. Developed by Firemint for Apple’s devices, the tilt to turn game-play is highly competitive and involving.

To keep the fans attention, Firemint is ready to release its second version of the game, Real Racing 2. T3 gained some information on the game reporting that 30 cars from manufacturers like, BMW, Ford, Jaguar and Volkswagen to name a few will be available when the game goes on sale.

Adding to the excitement, the developers have given it accurate damage control to give an real racing feel. You can also view your car from 5 different camera angles with one showing a 3D perspective of the driving cockpit. Racers will be involved with 5 levels of game-play with race wins earning cash that can be traded in for cars and upgrades.

One of the most interesting features is the addition of 16-player online racing which can be accessed via wi-fi. This is the first game to allow this level of interaction and should bring a whole different challenge to the games speed freaks.

Priced at £5.99 and available for iPhone and iPod users from the 16 December, could this be the best racing game available on the portable devices? Give us you thoughts.