Content-delivery personality: Which TV box is for you?

If you’re into home entertainment and are tempted by one of the latest set top boxes but haven’t a clue which to choose then we’ve found a cleverly written article that could really help you make the right choice. It’s a quiz done in a very light-hearted and amusing way but the final results could actually be really useful in making your decision.

Over on Engadget an article by Ross Rubin consists of a quiz asking “Which connected TV box are you?” There are six questions with subjects such as what is important to you about your on-demand entertainment, where you usually find it, which groups you identify with (choice of mainstream, resourceful purists, geeks, the bleeding edge or primates), and how you usually navigate your entertainment.

Although the questions are witty the end results could actually serve a purpose. If you chose mostly “a” answers for example you’re categorized as a streamer and therefore most likely to enjoy a Roku XD, a Sybabas Popbox or the new Apple TV. Just don’t pick too many “e” answers or you’ve no hope! Take a look and see which content-delivery would most suit you.

Alternatively if you’d prefer a more serious look at set-top boxes check out the article by Wendy Sheehan Donnell over on PC Mag. Here you’ll find a lot of information including a chart comparing media-streaming set-top boxes and links to full reviews of each. What are your thoughts on the latest set-top boxes? We’d like to hear from you so feel free to send us your comments.