Android Market: New and improved

Here at OSM we like to keep our readers informed of all the latest developments and know how many of you are now into your Android phones. Recently we posted about new content ratings for apps in the Android Market and then took a look at Androids vs. iPhone after news that over 300,000 new Android phones are now being activated daily.

Now it’s time to bring you more news about the Android Market which is presently being given an overhaul and will be rolled out in the next couple of weeks. According to Jolie O’Dell over on Mashable the revamp will make purchasing apps more “slick and sophisticated,” and a noticeable feature will be a carousel interface. This will allow users to quickly flick through available apps and another really useful addition will be that on the details page of each app users will be able to find information about related apps.

Widgets and Live Wallpapers are two new categories also on the way but users will have less time to apply for an app refund. This will be decreased to 15 minutes from the current refund limit which is presently 24 hours but as most people apply for refunds within minutes of purchase that shouldn’t make a major difference. Over on Electronista we’re informed that gaming is also a focus of the new Android Market and the new improvements should certainly help to close the gap between the Android Market and the iOS App Store.

The revamped Android Market will be available to devices running Android 1.6 or higher. You may also be interested in our recent article that asks if the trend for Androids will be reversed once a Verizon iPhone appears. What are your thoughts on the new improved Android Market? We’d welcome your comments about this.