The Great Twitter Secret Santa: How It Works

If choosing presents for friends, families and loved ones is not stressful enough, then the idea of ‘Secret Santa’ at work could just about tip you over the edge. How many people at work do you actually like – when I worked in a factory I could only put up with two out of the 15?

I love how Pocket-lint makes fun of the fact that more often than not you get to buy for “one of the office-weirdos.” Well they are not far off the truth, but they have a suggestion where we can make this yearly event more fun. What Paul Lamkin from the website is suggesting is ‘The Great Twitter Secret Santa’.

Before we talk about how this new concept will work, we need to point out that you need to register by December 11, 2010. Once you sign up for Twitter’s Secret Santa program your name will be added to a pool, this will be decided by who you know and follow. Twitter will try to make the best match by looking at how many shared connections you have with said person.

Once the day of the draw comes you will be notified and then sent all the relevant information, and the person that you have to buy for might not even be buying a Christmas gift for you. Finally, remember that there is a $15 cap on the present that you buy. The full details can be found here, as well as an FAQ

Vadim Lavrusik from Mashable learned from co-founder of Twitter, Regan Meador that they wanted to add a digital twist to this old holiday tradition. Is this something that you would enter into? What’s the worst Secret Santa Gift you have ever received?