Acer Iconia Price Update: Still Not Official

Towards the end of last month Acer unveiled the Iconia dual-screen laptop, which we noted had a lot in common with the Toshiba Libretto W105. We already have a good idea of the specs, but there has been no indication price – that is until now.

The Spanish version of Engadget has learned that the price that they will be paying is €1,499, which converts to just under $2,000. Now we cannot be certain if this will be the actual price that U.S. consumers will have to pay, but like most things it could work out much cheaper. Either way you look at it, that’s a huge price tag.

However, when I start to study the specs of the Acer Iconia I start to wonder if the price is that far off. That’s the kind of price that Apple expects us to pay in Europe for a MacBook Air. OK, I know that you are getting a laptop that is slim, but the performance is not that great.

The Iconia certainly has a lot going for it in the hardware department, such as the Core i5 CPU and up to 4GB of RAM. But this will be let down by two things, not having an SSD and Windows 7. I do not want to be biased in anyway, but having moved over to MAC over a year ago, I would never revert back.

  • Steve

    I switched to Mac and switched back within a year to PC.It was the many little things that took longer to do that added up to wasted time and frustration. Windows 7 is truly a great OS.

  • Jean

    Im with peter here, having a Macbook pro as my laptop and a Dell as the main computer, I would never revert back to Windows, and I would never pay $2000 for the air either, it is a great operating system but too much money for what we are getting, the specs on this sound much better, might just check it out, looks really good for an Acer product (I had a 15" Inspire that lasted a little less than 2 years, with problems starting after just a couple months)

  • Doug

    I dislike the MAC because it has very poor user interface.

  • lio

    this is an apple killer

  • null

    sooner or later mac will build similar to those.

  • rich

    Wish it had a pen for note taking but an awesome device nonetheless.

    • Doug

      You can use any regular tablet pen will work the same way…

      • ChrisRS

        This looks like it will have capacitive screens only. There are capcitive stylus that let you poke, mark and draw on a capcitive screen, but they are low precision and do not have plam rejection, so you can't rest your hand ob teh screen while you draw. Resistive screen use simplet a simple stylus but at considered to be inferior to capacitive screens.

        Tablet "Pens" are acurate,and typically have plam rejection, but require an active digitizer layr, either WACON or N-Trig. The two systems are not compatibel. Using an active digitizer system is different that any Tablet Stylus.