Twitter Places: New data added from variety of partners

The global popularity of Twitter, the social networking site, is well documented with recent reports of it now being valued at $3 billion but one of the reasons that it continues to grow is that it hasn’t rested on its laurels and continually adds new innovations and features.

One such innovation is Twitter Places, the geo-location feature that began to allow users to attach a location to their tweets back in the summer and Twitter is now improving on Places by allowing developers to access an expanded database of location information. Location data is now being combined from such providers as Gowalla, Open Table and Tom Tom, according to Ryan Kim over on Gigaom.

Twitter Developer Advocate Matt Harris said on a Google Groups Thread, “These partnerships serve as a foundation for a number of exciting features we have planned to help users find what’s new in their area and around the world,” according to Chris Crum over on WebProNews. The improved Twitter search API will provide users with more places to tag and will give developers the capabilities to show tweets associated with a particular place more easily.

It certainly appears as though Twitter feels that location data is the way to go forward and more localised information will certainly help with that. What do you think about this improvement to Twitter Places? We’d be interested to hear from you so why not send us your comments.