New Twitter Survey: Adding Perspective To Its Growth

A recent survey has pulled together some interesting facts about Twitter; did you know that eight percent of Adults who use the Internet in the U.S. are Twitter users? However, upon closer inspection it is minorities and younger adults who use the social networking service the most.

The report findings conducted by Pew Internet is the first of its kind, where instead of asking what social networking service they use, this one breaks things down and examines who of you actually use Twitter. We all know that celebrities use Twitter, and even try to use it for good – even if it does not go they way that they had hoped.

So let us take a look at the breakdown of the report. It seems that more women that men use the service, and that they are more likely to be aged between 18-29 years old. When you look at the race demographic it looks though Twitter is used more by Hispanic’s than Black or White people.

Nick Saint from SF Gate has dissected through the 19-page report and found that Twitter is full of zombie accounts, which means that they have been activated but they are not getting updated. Maybe they thought it was a great idea at the time, but then realized just how much it can take over their lives? Download the full report here.

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    Well it gave me a new perspective of the popular microblogging site Twitter. The breakdown especially was quite interesting.