Verizon iPhone: Android And AT&T’s Challenge in 2011

Most of you who are into your smartphones will know by now that the Verizon iPhone looks set to be released in 2011; although we do now know when or if it will be an iPhone 4 or 5. One thing we do know though, next year will be a tough challenge for both Android and AT&T.

Having Appleā€™s handset move over to Verizon will be like waking the beast, as this will be just the handset they need to increase their customers to another level. We already discussed the sales forecast for the Verizon iPhone, and at 18 million units it does not look good for AT&T.

For those of you who still hold on to the fact that the iPhone could be offered to T-Mobile or Sprint instead of Big Red then think again, as we recently reported that Verizon might pay Apple not to offer their smartphone to the other carriers.

Tony Bradley from PCWorld also believes that 2011 will be a testing time for Android and AT&T, even though things are going well for the Google OS, an influx of millions of iPhone sales from Verizon customers will be a huge blow to the mobile OS that has been constantly gaining ground on iOS.

The reason why Bradley believes that next year will be testing for Android is because Verizon has backed the OS for sometime now, but they could be put on the sidelines in favor of the iPhone. He points to the fact that as Big Red is business they will not give any one brand any special treatment.

Speaking of AT&T, Mashable reports that Glenn Lurie from the wireless carrier has made a comment saying that they are not concerned about an impending Verizon iPhone. Do you believe this, or are they trying to put on a brave face?