Facebook and Twitter: Where Is Your Information?

Millions of us each day go on to such sites as Facebook and Twitter along with a host of other social networking services, but have you ever stopped to consider what happens to all your information? Well Robert Faletra from CRN has, so has decided to offer us a greater insight into this.

He starts off by saying that the moment that you read your morning newspaper on your iPad instead of a traditional print you have already started to succumb to this problem, as it all starts the moment you start clicking on ads. He is right when he says that the information has to go somewhere, but where?

Faletra knows that Twitter and Facebook have a part to play on society, but he still cannot drop the fact that your all your information is somewhere, and that is the same with all your data that the search engine collects from you as well.

This leads me to a post that Matthew Swanson wrote on GeekEstateBlog, where he asked the question “Is your data going where you think it is?” This article goes on about the privacy issues within Facebook back in May and ways that you could prevent your data getting into the wrong hands. However, this still does not answer the question about where all of our everyday data is going?