Facebook And Privacy Laws In South Korea – Violations

Although online social networking site Facebook is growing in popularity, it has definitely had it’s fair share of issues surrounding that of “privacy.” Today we are again reporting on this very same problem but with what appears to be a breech of non compliance with South Korean privacy laws.

The news has arisen that users to Facebook apparently have not been asked for their consent in relation to the use of their personal data, something of which is clearly stated by South Korean law named the, “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.” Mashable stated, a spokesman “Choi Seong Jin” for the Korea Communications Commission has said, “Facebook violates the regulations on protection of privacy in information networks.”

For the site’s ever increasing number of users, the advice is too look and also abide by Facebook’s “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities,” as well as it’s “Privacy Policy.” The networking site, according to Computerworld has now got 30 days from acknowledging it to respond.

What do you think about Facebook’s latest privacy dilema? Are we ever going to completely stamp out these problems? To find out more head on over to Mashable.

  • andywallace

    I deleted my facebook profile for this very reason and I am glad that at least some legislators see it as criminal what facebook does with your personal information. I have been hearing good things about sites such as Diaspora and MyCube with regards to privacy. Hopefully they will solve all these problems and make social networking safe

  • Derrick Norris

    Facebook is totally insecure and its privacy issues need to be resolved. It is good that a few governments are now realizing just how insecure facebook is. I have quit facebook and am currently trying Diaspora. This too has many issues with it and I am hence banking on MyCube to make social media private once again