Chrome OS Pilot Program: How To Apply

News has been rife on the internet, of Google launching it’s new Chrome App Store plus Operating System for it’s new Samsung Cr-48 “Pilot Program,” that we reported on today. The aim, to provide a faster service as well as overall performance. During Google’s recent presentation, spoke about features to look out for including that of performance, connectivity, security and synchronization.

So, lets backtrack for one moment to the new Chrome OS beta testing service. Today’s news has highlighted wireless plan options being offered including that of Verizon. For every Chrome device, users will benefit from 100MB of free 3G data every month for 24 months in total. There will no contract and day plans are available for $9.99.

The pilot program is not available to everybody only a select few, but by applying, you will be in with a chance of receiving a Cr-48 netbook on the understanding that you will use it and give your feedback. Applicants can be businesses, individuals, schools etc within the U.S., and have to be over 18 years of age. To find out more on applying click onto this link.

Will you be applying to receive a Cr-48 Netbook? What are your thoughts on Google’s latest Chrome OS news? Let us know. To find out more head on over to