Win Defrag: Have You Had Fake Messages / Alerts?

Have you had problems with messages popping up on your computer screen? Perhaps they say “Critical Error” or “System Restore.” Beware, as reports are telling us they are a very dangerous app, part of what is know as the “Win Defrag.”

Judging by the snippets of information we have been able to source today over at, the Defrag or WinDefrag as reported, is part of a Trojan based app which can basically make it’s way to your computer without you even knowing. Scary when you think that it can hit your PC just through easy installation via, video codec, online scanner or just through a app.

Unsuspecting users will then find themselves hit with pop up fake messages and alerts. They may tell you that windows data has been lost in a file, or you may find yourself with a critical error message, telling you that your system needs to be completely restored. Advice for today, is if you have been suffering from the constant barrage of messages, then remove the Win Defrag app as soon as possible, everything sent is Fake.

Tell us, have you yourself suffered from any fake messages or alerts? Let us know. To find out more on this head on over to