Tumblr Down: Explanation on Twitter

It seems that popular microblogging site Tumblr is having some major problems as the site has now been down for several hours and there’s still no word on when it might be available again. The news was also confirmed on Twitter some hours ago.

Tumblr Down: Explanation on Twitter

When Adam Mills over on The Next Web first reported on this, sourced from CenterNetworks, the homepage was still up but users that wanted to open a new account were met with an error message. However logged-in members found everything went down. After this the site went down completely. We’ve just checked on Tumblr again and it’s still down and we were met with the message, “We’ll be back shortly. We’re working quickly to recover from an issue in one of our database clusters. We’re incredibly sorry for the inconvenience,” which is the same explanation as on Twitter.

While this is an apologetic message it’s a big blow to the site that as The Next Web points out is in the top 50 biggest websites of the U.S and many might think Tumblr isn’t actually working that quickly as the site has now been down for some considerable length of time.

For more on this go to thenextweb.com. How are you finding life without Tumblr? Is this a major inconvenience to you? Let us know your thoughts by sending us your comments please.

  • Elaine


  • shreya

    ITS THE BIGGEST BLOODY INCONVENIENCE THERE CAN EVER BE!!! That's why I'm looking up articles on why tumblr is down instead of trolling through the BEST blogging platform on the net

  • Anon

    I feel so lost, lol, seriously.

  • PixiePie

    I'm not losting sleep over it, but I am concerned that they will have lost all the information stored on my blog.

  • unknown


  • http://www.ithinkwehavetowalk.tumblr.com fatima

    there IS no life without tumblr.

  • grr

    i am so freaking bored

  • http://www.nicnuyten.com Nicholas N

    This is quite an inconvenience! Because I just added a redirect to my dot com to tumblr, where all my work is and now this happens, great!

  • tifrah

    oh god, just the thought of no tumblr makes me wanna amputate my left foot!

  • poo

    I'm dying without tumblr!!! facebook is boring!

  • http://richtotheelle.tumblr.com Richelle

    I'm going insane without it. I have an obsessive compulsion to check it every 5 minutes. Major withdrawal.

  • http://www.oshryan.com Osh

    It is a huge blow, you are suckered into there 30 good reasons to open a tumblr, my tumblr also acts as a source to see my Photography, so if i have sent galleries etc my website and there greeted with the fact that tumblr isn't working it reflects badly upon myself and could cause me to lose work.


  • Josh

    Joined up only the day before. The following day it has been down all day! It has really annoyed me to say the least! After only one day it is now true to say I am very addicted to tumblr. However, this 'downtime' worries me! Not to mention, other 'technical issues' it seems to have when it is online!

  • luce

    I am so pissed. this is NOT cool.

  • Sophie

    "How are you finding life without Tumblr? Is this a major inconvenience to you? Let us know your thoughts by sending us your comments please."

  • http://www.tumblr.com/justyouweight Ayashe

    I usually check it like every 15 minutes. I CAN'T TAKE IT.

  • http://billhinton.tumblr.com Bill

    Let's say work was a little bit more slow and boring last night.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wornsandals Trey McClure

    Tumblr is a great site but this is just ridiculous. Even when the site isn't down it's still substantially glitchy. This certainly isn't going to make me leave.. but I will say that if some new website comes along that is pretty much the same as Tumblr (but doesn't go out on a daily basis) I would without a doubt leave Tumblr for this new website. I think many feel the same.

  • Shannon


  • Charlotte

    I started Tumblr less than a month ago and I am already devastated.

  • http://www.myspace.com/themissananas Anais

    I am really annoyed by Tumblr’s down time. I understand that every website has problems and I’m not annoyed about that. Just about how it’s taking them just to fix it. It’s been nearly a day and it’s still not working.

    I rely on my blog to post movie reviews that get me to premieres and being one of the first in the UK to have seen Tron: Legacy I wanted to post my review asap. Now unfortunately I am one of many as there was a premiere last night in Leicester Square. I got to watch it the day before at the Empire Cinema and my advantage has been lost.

    I also use my blog as a link for companies to see my writing and therefore get more invitations to more premieres. I am tempted to open a Blogspot instead.

  • kat


  • Meagan

    I'm going to go nuts!

  • cam


  • http://dreamyhead.tumblr.com Dreamyhead

    :'( Tumblrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr come back!

    We need a support group for us addicts.

  • Moo

    dang it, all my data, photos inside are all GONE

  • anon


  • Neilo

    I'm having anxiety. Tumblr is a huge part of my life. I'm really scared they'll have lost all of my data too…