Looxcie Wearable Bluetooth camcorder: Now for iOS devices

People who were quick off the mark to buy the Looxcie Bluetooth camcorder may well be regretting their speedy purchase as the device has now been adapted to be compatible with iOS devices.

The $200 wearable camcorder that was Android-exclusive has now received hardware modifications and now the Looxcie LX1 can also be used with iOS devices at exactly the same price, according to Sean Hollister over on Engadget. As he points out though if you want it for use with an Android device then you may be in luck as discounted versions of the first models may soon be available.

If you haven’t heard of the Looxcie Bluetooth camcorder it’s a wearable device that leaves your hands completely free and will capture everything that the user is seeing. The device is always on which means no fiddling with record buttons or hitting the button too late. The clever part of the Looxcie for iPhone (also compatible for most Androids running 2.0 and over) is that if you want to keep an event you simply press the instant clip button and the last 30 seconds of video is stored as a video clip.

For more on this go to engadget.com. What are your thoughts on the Looxcie? We’d like to hear your opinions about this device so please do send us your comments.