iPad 2: Retina display not coming soon

We’ve been bringing you lots of news and also speculation of course, on the new Apple iPad 2, due out next year just in time to compete with RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve talked about the fact that a camera on the device is virtually confirmed, and asked which people most want to see, the iPad 2 or a Verizon iPhone.

Now we have some news for those of you particularly interested to know if the iPad 2 will have a retina display, as on the iPhone 4, which gives a remarkably clear picture. There’s been a certain amount of speculation about this but Fred Straker over on The iPad Guide, sourced from gdgt.com points out that it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a retina display on the next iPad.

Straker explains that far from being easy, with the current mobile device technology available, it would be virtually impossible. The retina display, giving 330 pixels per inch, works on the iPhone 4 because of the small screen size but to transfer that Retina display to an iPad screen would mean a number of pixels so large that it would engulf the graphics processing hardware.

You can see all the precise figures on pixels for the different displays on theipadguide.com but in conclusion it seems that if you’re waiting for a retina display on the iPad 2 you’re likely to be disappointed, unless Apple has a very big trick up its sleeve. What are your thoughts on this? We’d like to hear from you so why not send us your comments.

  • http://asmatteringoflaura.blogspot.com/ samthehamsmom

    No retina display = no buy on the an Ipad 2. No way will I buy another Ipad if it doesn't upgrade its display. There are times when I would rather look at my Iphone then the Ipad. Plus a camera does nothing for me, since I have a nice camera at home as well as having a camera on my Iphone.

  • Jim

    I have to have Retina ifi am expected to buy the 2g iPad.
    I have over 300 dollars in games that would be AWESOME in retina resolutions!

  • Mmm

    Same here!! I will get the IPAD 2 if it comes with retina, so I can control remotely my desktop from my sofa. Otherwise, I will look for a regular laptop with good resolution.

  • http://Www.lightchildren.com Andy

    Agreed! No retina display means no iPad for me. It’s the only feature that could make me buy it.