Facebook Embraces Burberry Interactive Store

With social network site Facebook allowing companies a link to millions of potential customers, their introduction in 2007 of a “Pages” product for brands, has allowed subscribers access to images and video links via their news feeds.

British fashion house “Burberry” are the latest to take advantage of this concept. The tartan giants specialising in clothing, fashion and fragrances have now introduced a new eye-catching interactive, animated product on it’s dedicated Facebook wall called “Burberry Timepieces.” Lauren over at Mashable reported that anyone wishing to look at the product can do so with the added benefit of rotating the image to get a more in-depth view. On trying this out myself, I have to say I was pretty impressed!

The new marketing idea is hoped to give customers an exciting close up feel for products, something that perhaps other brands could follow with. Check out the new Burberry Interactive Timepieces over on facebook.com/burberry.

Tell us what you think about advertising brands in this way? To find out more log onto Mashable.