Photo-based Meme: How to Get Started

Do you consider yourself a photo genius, or feel that sometimes the pictures you take could benefit from having something a little different added to them, to get those all important comments and maybe laughs? Your images could be customized by way of resizing them, merging pics together or adding your own text, making it into a pretty fantastic viral image.

Over at Mashable, they have looked at five different videos to help you along, two of which we have looked at today, with some basic pointers. The first is that of adding text to your pic. On choosing an image from the generic pictures already installed on the computer, right click onto it and choose Adobe Photoshop Elements. On opening the programme, the image will be set in front of you. To add text, simply scroll down the left side to the letter T (Text), position the T and left click to then type your wording. Font sizes and lettering can be changed at the top of the screen.

If you decide on looking at your image then you want to cut out an object or another person, then this can be carried out by simply opening up the picture, press filter at the top, then extract, at the top left corner of the screen, you will find a highlighter option. By using this, you can trace around the image wanted, once done, you can click on the second icon on the left, preview and then with adjustments on the left, hey press-do your picture is adjusted.

Tell us, will you be transforming your images into something else? To find out more on this including step by step guidance, log onto Mashable.