SlingPlayer for iPad Review: Quality Wi-Fi Essential

If you want to view television remotely on your Apple iPad then I’d take a guess you’ve already heard of SlingPlayer for iPad that came out earlier in the week. It’s an app available in the App Store right now that enables you to transfer content from your Slingbox to your iPad and we’ve been taking a look at a thorough review.

The app will set you back $29.99 in the iTunes store, or £17.99 if you’re in the U.K. and is specific to the iPad so if you’ve already got the iPhone version you’ll still have to splash some more cash. Also be very aware before you pay for the SlingPlayer for iPad app that it only works with two Slingbox models, the Slingbox SOLO and the Slingbox PRO-HD, according to Stuart Miles over on Pocket-Lint.

Once you have the app up and running, by logging into your Slingbox and pairing up the device then it’s pretty straightforward to stream content to your iPad. You can also use screen icons and menu options to control it. If you want to stream via Wi-Fi it’s recommended that you only do so if you have a good data package and a quality Wi-Fi network though as this will really affect the feed quality. You can also stream via 3G.

Overall the SlingPlayer for iPad app is easy to control and is a convenient and decent way of streaming TV content to your iPad. For more on this go to You may also be interested in our recent article about BBC iPlayer coming to the iPad. Are you intending to use the SlingPlayer for iPad app or maybe you’re already using it in which case we’d like to know your thoughts on it? Why not send us your comments please.