Should Prisoners Be Allowed Facebook Access?

For social networking site “Facebook,” it is home to just about anyone of every age, and can now be accessed by prisoners. It seems that gone are the days when you were given a prison sentence and time spent behind bars meant just that. Nowadays, not only do prisoners get to watch their favorite TV programmes, but play pool, work out in the gym and now communicate with their Facebook friends.

This was the case for a prisoner “Justin Walker,” who was sent to the Granite Reformatory in Oklahoma, America. He is currently serving a 30-year sentence for killing an Oklahoma sheriff. When Jane over at Toms reported on this, the prisoner who was in his cell at the time, was not only found to be posting drunken pictures of himself on the site, but also that of his daughter quite happily holding guns, a mobile phone, marijuana, alcohol and knives.

Since being caught with the above, Walker has had his Facebook page deleted and he has been sent to another prison the “Oklahoma State Penitentiary.”

What are your thoughts on prisoners being able to access sites such as Facebook? Is the prison system too easy on those behind bars? Let us know your feelings. To find out more head on over to Toms

  • augusII

    If they (inmates) are in jail to prevent them from cause some wrong or evil to innocent and honest people, the same reason to not allow them go outside when ever they like as if free, and only using jail as a convenient hotel (free of charge, paid by their victims) they also must be prevented from going aoutside using virtual means (internet, movil phones, etc.) .

    Many criminal capos rule thier mafias from their luxury cells, practically performing themselves many crimes and killing.

    Jail is not a moral device to punish sin or law breaking but preventing criminals doing more damage to people.

  • exclusiveprisoner

    @augusll, I agree that there are inmates (correction, CONVICTS) in prison who have abused the system and obtained contraband phones etc. They are the only prisoners to have direct contact with Facebook or any other social media outlet, and they are doing it on the sly, just as they did everything in their lives before their incarceration.