New iPad 2 Vs BlackBerry PlayBook: Release Date Clash

Well we did tell you that the tablet war was going to get messy and it definitely will. Apple had this market pretty much wrapped up but BlackBerry was coming in for a piece of the pie with their PlayBook. Now various sources are saying that the iPad 2 will be released around the same time.

This makes it official PlayBook vs. iPad 2, both were looking to be popular devices but which one will be the market leader? I am thinking that Apple already has a major foothold in the market but lets be honest, everyone is always waiting for the “next thing”.

The reports from rightly say that the two devices being released within days of each other will cause damaging effects to each others sales as it is going to make people decide between them. As we know Apple has an overwhelming popularity and BlackBerry’s has certainly risen in recent years. To read more about this head on over to where Luke Johnson has written an article by clicking here.

PlayBook or iPad 2, which will you be getting? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Andy

    iPad all the wayyyyy

    • ChowBow

      iPad all the way.

      Why would anyone go for the BlackBerry? The only reason I can think of is those who stubbornly insist that Apple is "evil", as if capitalism was about being morally good or bad. There are those too who will buy BlackBerry simply because they spite Apple. But that's not about which product is more suitable for them. It's about spite.

      • Flamez

        Maybe perhaps I have stock in RIM >>>>>

      • creativeculturescotland

        sounds a bit like the applephiles that "hate" microsoft… they are "just" tools of course (the hardware, that is!). some people like to spend lots of money on looking cool, some people don't care and just want stuff that works.

  • Nubs

    the blackberry playbook is eye-punching the Ipad big time. the playbook offers so much more value for money. who would be silly to not go for something great as this?!


      technically, playbook haven't even touched ipad 1 yet, and ipad two would KO playbook in just about everything. hah!

  • Kevin

    Blackberry will have uh… lets see… 0 units sold at launch… iPad 2 will 12 – 15 million iPad 1G in the installed base… who do you think developers are going to pick? iPad will crush Playbook.

    • Kari

      uh, the i pad2 only has 2 cameras, and, well thats it. THe Playbook, though it is smaller it has a everything Ipad has, except 1 gb ram, hdmi output port, 1 ghz processor, so I don't see the difference, the iPad is just a big iPhone. :)

  • Neil Anderson

    Looking forward to iPad version 2.

  • planecrash

    Been waiting for the iPad 2

  • Guest

    Playbook for sure!! Better security, tighter business integration, more portable. Dual HD Cameras… It has the best of both worlds.

    RIM has a home run with this device.

  • RIM

    it's all about the OS. had RIM had the blackberry 6 on the playbook it would have been crap!

    QNX in the playbook makes the difference and QNX will be the OS into future blackberry phones!

    Expect the playbook to take a big chunk out of ipad sales and also expect a touchscreen phone running QNX, flash support etc to take sales away from the iphone 5!

    RIM is banking on the OS to make the difference and once everyone experiences QNX on the playbook they will want the blackberry device with the same OS 😉

    purchasing QNX is the best move RIM made!!!

  • Guest

    Playbook! The ipad is still a glorified ipod touch. More bang for your buck, better price, and BlackBerry builds solid devices that aren't just toys.

  • Matt T

    Playbook FTW

  • Sorech

    I'm surprised many of you are still stuck in Apple's distortion field considering the demo you have all been shown of what the PlayBook is capable of. It's obvious Apple fears the rise and approach of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now Apple is resorting to such shady tactics of launching on the same date as the competition in hopse of maintaining it's foothold. But all this shows us is they are afraid and should be because people want what is new and the iPad is not new. We have all seen what it can do and now we want something different. The BlackBerry PlayBook is that device and is taking home the win this year.

  • Thomas

    iPad all the way!! Apple will definitely win the next battle purly on there ability to keep consumers on edge. And the amount of people that have been waiting for the next iPad is unbelievable so I would say the next iPads sales will go up massively and apple will keep the majority of there Market share.

  • Patrick

    Playbook hands down. I don't need apps; I need function. Jobs claims it's too small. I have news for him: it's not the size that counts! Unless iPad 2 takes three steps forward it will be a step behind the playbook. Enterprise integration and seamless link to my phone? True multitasking and better browsing experience? True flash playing ability? Unless Apple can show me iPad 2 can to those things, and do them well, I would not give the iPad a second thought.

  • Guest

    Playbook all the way!! Never wanted a iPad.

  • sponge twinkie 449

    ipad2 bebe
    i like its size it makes it easier to read and draw

  • Flea

    Bought an iPad, played and finished andgry birds and now its a coaster for my beer other than that if it were softer i could see it as something usefull to wipe myself

    Playbook all the way

  • Dion

    The argument is simple really, for business and corporate IT people it will always be Blackberry and Playbook all the way as these are people which require functions and tools for their business.
    Everyone else will use Ipad because it has "lots" apps to play with, and its "cool" and "trendy". I'm a business IT director and have iphone 3 for personal mobile, but everything else i own is windows and blackberry based (laptops, blackberry's and playbook once its released, windows 7)
    I could never do business or run IT with the apple range but it has its uses for my Mac support staff which are a small team of 4 in an IT department of 100 and support our marketing department for our cool graphics in our intranet and general media.

    its a big world out there to look it in such a simplified manner

  • Christian

    With Blackberry pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars in research, development and acquisition (i.e Torch Mobile for their touch screen technology & QNX for their operating systems), BB will kill Apple. I have 8 Apple computers (2 x laptops & 6 x 20" iMacs) for my office so I know all about the Apple stability and quality. On the other hand, being a business owner, My BB Torch is a workhorse and will complement the Playbook hands down for our day to day proposals to possible clients (i.e our website, web-based tracking systems that use flash), and equipment servicing. Playbook all the way.

  • Blackberry Man

    I just traded the highest end Ipad. I had it for 6 months, I own two LLCs and could not integrate it into my daily routine because it could not do what I needed it to. I actually traded for an HP laptop with a I-core processor so I got a good deal, haha. However, I have a BB 9650 and the playbook will be a dream come true if it does what it says. My mom is the manager of a lawfirm that has over 2k lawyers and 2k more staff nationwide – they went to iphone 4 this year from blackberry and the entire firm is not happy at all. They would go back to BBs if they could but but they would have to pay full price for every device (500 a piece) for the entire firm, which is not happening. What I am saying is – Iphones are great for cutting edge clubgoers and small businesses not wanting fast email and reliable enterprise servers, but BB has been the phone I have been going back to constantly after trying "the next new thing" I think I will stick with BB for a good long while now.

    Playbook FTW

  • Wyler

    Is there any benchmark data?

  • ProTech

    if only apple is willing to put OSX into it's iPad, then i'll consider it AT ALL.

  • Owen

    I have an iPad and I can safely say it was one of the best buys I had ever made , it’s amazing, the beautifully large screen , the wonderful apps, and the superior quality of it , it’s just so Apple !

    Apple iPad 2 , with so many new features will undoutably be even better , I cannot wait

    Apple iPad 2 All the Wayy ! !

    • Dan

      “So many new features”? Like what? People like you just look at the apple logo and assume its cutting edge technology. Guess what? The playbook is way faster and more powerful than the ipad, not to mention it can multitask properly. The playbook has a widescreen style screen to allow you to watch HD movies on it properly. The playbook UI is way nicer imo. Who wants to stare at a wall of app icons? Finally, the playbook has full flash, allowing you to browse the internet, (even youtube), the way it was meant to be browsed. Personally, I have yet to see an article confirming that the ipad 2 will surpass the playbook in any of these areas. Good day.

  • Eugene

    IPad is nothing but a Ipod Touch on steroids… it's a ridiculous toy. Jobs, I know you are reading this and I must say… first of all go to Sprint. The entire world doesn't use AT&T. If you had done this maybe I would have tried an Iphone rather than a Blackberry Bold… now I am in love with the reliability and function!!! I am a Playbook person all the way now… It's a serious machine for serious people. The Ipad is for the kids of those serious people.

  • Gary

    Recent announcements that the Playbook will support Android apps and the marketplace is a huge bonus. An enterprise class device with android support? Winner in my book.

  • Jack


  • danhhua

    i want some thing light like i can carry around 7" not 10" ipad and usb to in and out in pc

  • jester

    Ill take the Playbook thanks

  • alex


  • don

    hey you people, listen to me. don't you ever copy apple products. make your own products ok. apple make ipad anf blackberry and other copy from them, why? i hate you BB and company copying apple.

  • andri

    the so-called tablet devices has exists a while before Apple released the ipad…. so obviously if you call it 'copying' … then who's copying what? I'm an apple user… but i use Blackberry simply because i select my device based on my needs.. not brands.

  • alex

    Hey i am sure that Apple has their people posting on here and so does RIM.
    But anyways. Let me say this. I have been a Blackberry smartphone user since hmmm since their first models. I can't even remember the model number at this point. I also have been a Mac user for about 5-6 years. (Moved slowly from PC, Windows XP & WIN VISTA), let me tell you this.
    If someone is saying that Blackberry PB is so much better … is full of crap. Ok, compatibility with BBES, corporate data and security are YES a plus for some large large corporations that specifically use blackberry. And yes .. everyone who works at RIM brag about FLASH… sure, so what. LOL!
    Honestly ? Blackberry's purpose is business. BUSINESS!. And the only thing iPad (Apple) does not have is the server. Now at this point do not think i am bashing Rim. I love blackberry. And i use one and will never buy an iPhone ( why because it is a toy). But when it comes to a table a tablet IS a toy?! If you DO NOT need an access to a server etc? What will be better? I think they will be pretty much the same. It really depends on you what you like. I will buy Ipad2 for now and why? I have 3 macs at home and the workflow between apple devices is amazing. Do i give a shit about an HDMI ? Not really. If you have a large large corporation that uses blackberry, and MOST LIKELY someone like this will not be here reading this post … well you should get a blackberry as it will be ready to go with your business. If you are just a consumer who has their opinion based on nothing .. well think again. =) I live few minutes away from RIM =D
    It's all marketing media BS. Buy what you like. Stop bashing other stuff. One has a different purpose from the other. I love apples and blackberries.

  • bilo

    Playbook the best