Social Media Monitoring: List of Free Tools / Applications

Have you ever wanted to monitor social media? Well these days there are different programs that you can download that give you an idea of what is going on. Some of the software you can also upgrade to a purchasable version that brings in more features and analysis.

The ones that we will be looking at are Radian6 and Alterian SM2. Radian6 is one of the “prettiest” user interfaces unfortunately they do not have a free version but they do have a free demo that you can endure that gives you a good view of their product. There are various graphs available with affects between them to give it that added individuality. The company are pretty self assured too as they proudly display logos of various companies on their homepage.

Onto Alterian SM2, the application itself includes InsideView and the free version gives you a limit of 1000 websites on your search. According to Koka over at she has been setting up the application and looking at the keywords that are associated with products. Koka goes on to say that she is impressed with the product but would only use the free version. Similarly to Radian6, Alterian SM2 also display the companies that have bought their product.

If you would like to see more about different social media tools then head on over to and have a read of their article by clicking here. Do you use any other social media examination tools? If you do be sure to let us see them in the comments below.

  • coryhartlen

    Hey Tim,
    Thanks for the mention. I'd also add a few free tools that we advise clients check out if they haven't started monitoring yet, like google blog search, any of the twitter search tools even add google analytics to the mix for Web analytics. We talk about benchmarking your time as well, if you're spending over 1-2 hrs per day using free tools then it might be time to start looking at a paid vendor to help free up some of that time. Thanks again, have a great week.

  • freshnetworks1

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    This all links in rather nicely with a new report we have just created – a head-to-head comparison of 9 leading social media monitoring tools (Radian6, Sysomos, Scoutlabs etc) with a particular emphasis on their ability to find influencers.

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