PeeWee Power 2.0 Netbook: In Time For Christmas

Are you looking to move your child into the world of computing early so that they are up with the times when they get to school? Well PeeWee Power has released its NetBook 2.0 which has been built to take the worst a child can deliver and just in time for Christmas.

The little computer for little people has a 1.6GHz N270 Atom Processor, 1GB RAM and a 30GB hard drive. It looks compact and sturdy, it also has a water resistant keyboard and has been built to withstand being dropped. It also has some great software on it that can keep you young ones out of trouble as well as a built in camera and plenty of educational games.

I can see the values of this to you kids but the price of this is not only putting me off nut its putting many others off too. The hefty price is $499.99. Head on over to where Tim Stevens has written an article on the machine.

I have had a skim read through some of the comments that have been added to the post on Engadget’s site and there really is a mixed response… Some think the price is too much, some think that childrens protection from the Internet and the bad things that it also brings is more important. I have to admit, I couldn’t picture sitting with my 4 year old nephew working with him on a laptop. I am used to sitting and reading books and practicing writing. Surely laptops and technology should come after that and before any of you ask no I am not in my 50s, I am 24!

If you think I am old fashioned and that every child should be geared up and good to go with laptops and gadgets then let me know in the comments below.