Apple iPad Release New “Marie Claire” App

For those of you who are still contemplating what to give your loved one this Christmas, it maybe the time to check out getting a tablet device instead of the usual socks and smellies. There are some pretty fantastic tablets available on the market including Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet, the new Dell Inspiron Duo and also Streak, but it’s the Apple iPad we are bringing you news on today.

To some people, Apple’s offering is the King of all tablet PC’s and as well as already coming with some pre-loaded apps, there are some new ones to make you aware of. According to Mashable, the latest is that of “Marie Claire,” the iconic fashion magazine. For anyone wanting to back date the magazine can do so, the last 6 issues will be available as PDF scans of the print version, whereas, this month’s issue is a PDF edition plus extra features including that of Harry Potter’s “Emma Watson.” It will bring you a behind-the-scenes embedded video, streamed music clips, a short film with additional information and much more.

Marie Claire is probably one of the longest running magazines with it’s first issue in 1937. So for $3.50 for the December issue or $10 per year through the app, you will be part of it’s popular fan base.

Do you enjoy Marie Claire? Tell us if you will be interested in it’s new app? To find out more log onto Mashable.