Apple’s 3D System Aims to Solve Current 3D Issues

As we all know Apple are pretty hot when it comes to patenting, not just for the sake of the product but so they have the ammunition to sue copycat competitors. Well Apple’s latest patent is coming for their new 3D system.

So the current issues with 3D TVs is firstly, the goofy glasses thing, with Apple’s new product you won’t be needing them anymore, phew! Whenever I have watched movies in 3D I have suffered, I have ended up with a headache, dizziness and I kind of had the shakes, apparently these are fairly common problems that are experienced with 3D TV watching. I think that part of the problem is that it really makes your eyes work hard as you are pretty much put INTO an unnatural environment.

So what is Apple’s new product? It is a combination of 3 components, a projector sensor, a 3D imager and screen, the components all work together to produce a 3D image from almost any position glasses free. For me the big thing is not having the glasses. Some of the other issues that Apple wish to solve with this system are narrow viewing and ghosting. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. Head on over to to read more about how this works and to follow their diagram.

Have you watched a 3D movie? How did you feel after? Let me know in the comments below.

  • mushi mush

    well, glasses are pain thats for sure. But so far i would rather point out on 3D material itself.. i mean on 3D blu rays. I have purchased nearly all available 3D movies and 3D games for PS3. There is not much pop-out effect but just a depth. Ok, depth is nice but we were promsied 3D wonderland where action falls out of your screen and fills our rooms. Not true! Nothing like that. I am slightly disapointed with this and not so keen on 3d anymore. I bought the telly regardless of goofy glasses as i really wanted to experience pop-out effect.
    I am not one of those who moans about glasses. We have glasses only because this is only available 3D tech at the moment. Then we could also complain about goofy steering wheels in cars – "steering wheels are stupid / i will wait when cars are operated by robots".
    Any tech development is cool. But where are those bloody 3D popping out movies as seen in adverts???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nowhere. FACT.