Zoom Q3HD Camcorder: Official Price and Specs

The new Zoom Q3HD camcorder is now available in a range of stores and should be pretty easy to find. Zoom has announced that it is readily available officially and they also told us the price… $299.99. Not the cheapest camcorder on the market but perhaps its specs will justify its price.

It has a choice of recording in 720 or in full 1080p at 30fps and has a tremendous sound quality, it is 24-bit/96kHz as well as integrated USB 2.0 and a 4x zoom. Now personally I have never been a fan of the miniature camcorders as for me they have never really lived up to the idea of having one, but on this I would perhaps be willing to change my opinion.

This seems like a great bit of kit that if it was cheaper would wipe the competitors out of the market, that it the only downside to it. $300 is a lot of money and I don’t think the average person would be willing to part with it for a handheld camcorder. The only people I see this suiting are musicians.

You can read more about this device by heading over to Mashable.com and reading through Donald Melanson’s article by clicking here.

Would you pick this up or is it too expensive? Let us know in the comments below.