Toshiba Reveals Two New Netbooks For 2011

Netbooks are the ideal way to work rest and play these days, small enough to store and carry, yet versatile enough to work on. Holding a large part of the market, netbooks are readily available from every manufacturer covering all price brackets.

There is only one downside to the small portable device that i can see, and that is the sound quality when you want to wind the volume up on your favorite tune.

Well it seems that Toshiba has thought along the same lines and released two new netbooks, the NB500 and NB520. Whilst both pack an impressive array of extras the NB520 gains some additions in the sound department, but first lets check out the specs.

A report by Engadget confirms that the pair carry Atom N550 processors, 250GB HDD with 2GB of DDR3 memory, along with 10.1-inch LED-back-lit displays. Coupled to a 10 hour battery life and stylish metallic casing, with engraved dot patterning, the NB’s certainly look the part.

Now while that’s where it ends for the NB500, its brother the 520 has a bit extra up its sleeve. If your into high-end audio or luxury cars from manufacturers like Jaguar, you may well have heard of Harman Kardon. They produce top quality audio equipment and its a pair of their miniature tweeters that Toshiba has installed in the NB520. With this kind of quality placed into your netbook, playing your favorites at full volume will no longer be a problem.

As yet there are no prices, but rest assured we will find out and let you know as soon as they start to land, which is said to be within the first quarter of 2011. So not long now, tell us if you would be interested in paying the extra to get possibly the best sound quality from a netbook to date.