Jumo: Reasons to look elsewhere

Previously we brought you the news that Jumo’s Beta site is now available and how it is a non profitable, charitable organization. Jumo was thought up by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. Whilst Social networking isn’t really the direction that this site is headed for I have been thinking about some other things that I don’t like about the site.

To get a Jumo account you must already have a Facebook account. What if you are one of the Facebook haters out there that only wants to see Facebook go down, well it looks like Jumo isn’t for you!

You cannot turn off the link between your Jumo and Facebook accounts. When you join Jumo it automatically posts a message on your Facebook page saying that you have joined. Is there really any need for that? Is that just Chris Hughes’ way of getting free advertising? An unsuspecting person sees that one of their friends has joined Jumo through their Facebook page, they then click on it and join? Is that the idea?

Another frustration that some of you will find is within company profiles, something that Facebook had to change was the fact that you could only have one administrator per company page. According to mizzinformation.com the same problem is present in Jumo… one admin per page, are you serious Chris Hughes, did you not learn this from your time at Facebook?

If you have been using Jumo’s Beta version already and want to add to my frustration rant then please do in the comments below.

  • Angela Bernhardt

    Lots and lots of bugs in the system, seems that they went live too early. Difficult to add a page for my non-profit, the issue you bring up of only one administrator per page, not visually appealing, can't seem to make the thing work. More trouble than it's worth — for now. Will be interesting to see how it evolves.