Gap’s Old Navy Starts EasyPay Mobile Payments

Now that Apple has been successfully using EasyPay mobile retail terminals in their stores since 2005, Gap sub company Old Navy. Apparently Apple is branding the package as ZipCheck. The next step for it is to be able to either print receipt wirelessly to a stationary printer or to have a belt mounted mini printer that an employee can wear.

It sounds pretty cool and you can see the benefits to it, I know that whenever I go into a UK Apple store I normally get served pretty quickly whether I’m browsing or purchasing and the thought that I could just say to them, yeah I’ll take it and they can take payment straight away would be fantastic.

This is good for Old Navy with the holiday season upon us, it will enable them to serve more customers from multiple POS positions around the store. As a customer don’t you get put off buying something if you see a big queue? I know I do. Head on over to 9to5mac to read more about this and to see their exclusive picture of someone signing for their sale with their finger on what looks like an iPod Touch or an iPhone.

What do you think of this type of Point Of Sale use? Do you get put off by long queues? Let us know in the comments below.