BBC iPlayer for iPad with subscription TV app

There is news today that the popular BBC iPlayer, only previously available in the U.K. is to be launched overseas beginning in the U.S. The plans are for it to be provided as a commercial subscription TV app for the iPad.

In the U.K. residents already pay a license fee which supports BBC funding and so the iPlayer iOS app has been available free to those residents. The BBC has noted the opportunity to earn extra revenue by making the iPlayer app available outside of the U.K. with a paid subscription service, according to Daniel Eran Dilger over on Apple Insider, sourced from the Financial Times.

Managing director of, Luke Bradley-Jones said that the BBC was “planning for the Global iPlayer to initially launch just on the iPad platform, as it provides such potential to develop a truly interactive video-on-demand service, and also maps pretty nicely on to our core target audience for the service.” If the move is successful the next developments would include PPV’s and digital downloads along with the subscription access.

For more on this go to What are your thoughts of the BBC’S aims to earn extra revenue in this way? We’d like to hear your opinions on this so please send in your comments.

  • Andy

    The iPad iplayer has been in beta since March and is not very good at all, it's a shame we have to wait for a paid version to get a final release.
    It seems like they just did a quick job to grab headlines and then not done anything else at all, very poor stuff BBC.