Playboy Party on Facebook: Build your own Playboy Mansion

We know how popular social network gaming has become especially with the success of Facebook games such as “FarmVille,” from Zynga, and of course its new game coming soon, “CityVille.” If you like these sorts of games where you build up your own virtual world then you may enjoy building a Playboy mansion.

Now although the FarmVille game has a higher amount of female players I have a feeling that Jolt’s “Playboy Party” may just attract more male players. Not only do players get to build their own Playboy mansion and furnish it but they then have to create the right ambience, right down to the music, the drinks and which fake celebs to invite, according to Mike Fahey over on Kotaku.

If they do well players will also be able to unlock alluring pictures of women and also check out Playboy covers from 60 years of publishing. Dylan Collins of Jolt Online Gaming was extremely honest when he said, “We almost went blind developing this game but we think that Playboy Party will keep you entertained anywhere you can access your Facebook account,” calling it Jolt’s Christmas present to the Internet. You can find it at this link.

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