iPad 2: Camera virtually confirmed

Here at OSM we’ve been posting regularly with news of the iPad 2 and recently OSM’s Tim Ollason posted a roundup of this week’s news and rumors. Previously we also gave you some rumored specs of the iPad 2 expected next year, such as a 7-inch display.

However what everybody wants to know about is whether the next iPad will have a camera which was a prominent omission from the first iPad and speculation is rife that a camera will indeed be included on the iPad 2. Now it seems there is virtual confirmation that there will be a camera and an article by Ross Miller over on Engadget, sourced from Digitimes reports the leak.

Largan Precision, which supplies the camera parts for the Apple iPhone 4, has entered a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange in which it says it is the “sole lens module supplier” for Apple’s upcoming iPad 2 tablet. News is also out that shipments will begin in the first quarter of 2011. Of course the involved parties are not saying a word but that looks pretty much like confirmation of a camera to us.

For more on this go to engadget. Are you waiting for the iPad 2 and are you pleased that it does seem as though this second-generation device will have a camera? Why not send us your comments about this.