Adobe Flash Player 10.2 : Beta version available now

For all you Adobe Flash Player enthusiasts there’s good news as the Flash Player 10.2 beta is now available to download for Mac, Windows and Linux, and introduces a number of improvements.

The previous version of Flash may have offloaded some video tasks to the GPU but the new beta version Stage Video playback infrastructure goes even further, meaning the whole workload is now moved over to alleviate virtually all of the CPU load whilst playing back 1080p video clips, according to Vlad Savov over Engadget, sourced from Adobe Labs.

Other improvements include text rendering and if you have a dual-screen device you’ll be able to enjoy full-screen playbook on one monitor while still working on another. Stage Video demo clips are available for developers with the beta at the Adobe Labs link above. Additionally there’s Internet Explorer 9 hardware acceleration support.

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