Jumo in Public Beta: Not Another Donation Platform

Back in March we brought you the news that Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes would be starting up a new platform to promote charitable efforts. The name of the company is Jumo. The company is a non profitable organization that is trying to help people find their way in the world.

So how does this work? When you sign up it asks you to connect your Facebook account then it asks you to select and rate different issues such as human rights, education and health when you are rating them it is done on your level of interest. Once you are all signed up, Jumo uses your interests and suggests a variety of charities for you to follow.

Something I am unsure of though is why it uses your Facebook account, it’s not like you can see what charities your friends are following. There is a distinct lack of social networking with this site, although I guess that isn’t their aim. To read more about this head on over to Sid Yadav’s article at venture beat.com. If you just want to sign up, then head across to Jumo by clicking here.

What do you think about Jumo? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.