Dell Vostro V13 Review: Same Battery Issue

You may or may not know that Dell have released a slightly inferior laptop to the Adamo, it is called the Dell Vostro V13. The machine was launched a few months ago with a starting price of $449 but what do you get for your money? Well let’s have a look at it.

The Dell Vostro has a sleek design that is less that one inch thick, the laptop has definitely picked up some of its more expensive counterpart’s looks. The differences in the chassis are that the Adamo are minor and according to they actually prefer the look of the Vostro. Within this little machine you have an Intel Core 2 solo processor, up to 2GB DDR SD RAM at 1066Mhz and up to a 500 GB SATA hard drive. To read the full specs head over to Dell’s website here.

All in all it looks like a decent laptop, it has good specs but there are a few bits that let it down, one being the battery life. The other being the graphics within the machine. Head on over to to read what they had to say about it by clicking here.

Would you buy this laptop or have you seen something better? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Rick

    Dude, this was released like a year ago, in fact Dell just released the new version, the Vostro V130, which features a ULV processor, although the battery life is weak.