Cowon 3D 1080p PMP: Specs and Price

Cowon are releasing a portable 3D device that doesn’t require glasses. Sounds pretty nifty to me so I thought we should have a look at this properly. Let’s look at the price first of all, you can pick up a Cowon 3D PMP 32GB for $431 or alternatively you can get the 64GB model for $509. So what do you get for your money? Let’s check out the specs.

The Cowon device a battery life of 300 hours on standby, 45 hours of audio, and 10 hours of video, it also has 4.8” display which is a 3D display not requiring those goofy 3D glasses. It has 1080p video playback and the resolution of the screen is 800×480. We have already mentioned the storage space but in case you missed it, you can have it in a 32GB model or a 64GB.

Not only that but the nifty little media station also has WiFi built into it. If this sounds like the portable media device that you want then you will be able to pick one of from South Korea first of all on December 10th. Presumably it will spread to the U.S and Europe some time soon after that.

From reading the comments on Vlad Savov’s article on, it does seem like there is a bit of unrest from their readers and I have to say I am in agreement with some of them. Firstly, 32GB of storage for 3D films simply isn’t enough, neither is 64GB. The other thing is, where do you get content for a 3D device? Something that wasn’t mentioned by was what OS it runs on. For me this appeals only to an audience that isn’t there…

Are you also in agreement? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.