Wedding Photo Connection Social Networking Website Live

As with just about everything else in the world lots of different businesses are heading towards social media and social networking. Previously we helped you all out with 5 ways to help promote your business online and offline and now it seems that wedding photography is heading that way too.

I know that from when I got married (almost a year ago) we were given a link so that friends and family could go onto the photographer’s site and order any photos that they wanted. Well now it seems that there is a new idea. Wedding Photo Connection is providing you with a professional service of wedding day videography and photography. This is currently only going to be happening for couples in New Jersey and New York but will undoubtedly expand across America and then into Europe.

The company will use a Facebook platform that will update the couples that plan to wed on anything they may find of interest when planning their big day. Currently as I know, there are plenty of sites that help with the bridal side of things. I remember back before my wedding my wife looking at Facebook pages that had been setup for brides and brides to be, but there was nothing for couples.

To read more about this unique form of wedding planning head over to where there is a detailed article that tells you the ins and outs of the platform.

Would you find this of use for your big day? I know I personally would have. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.