Vodafone UK Cuts Data Roaming Prices

Vodafone customers may be pleased to hear that roaming charges when travelling abroad are being slashed by the network provider. It was announced today that there will now be new simpler tariffs for data roaming in Europe.

However there is a difference between the monthly surcharge and the daily one. With the monthly surcharge Vodafone are being a little sneaky because if you are a UK customer £10 will get you 25MB a day, but if you are on a £40 a month contract this data roaming deal will be included. Most high end smartphone contracts give you the phone “free” and the services for £35 a month, so Vodafone are cunningly getting customers to splash out another £5 for nothing. Be aware as this deal is not available to PAYG customers.

With the daily surcharge, the data deal is available to all tariffs, even PAYG, and costs €2 per day, which Vodafone thinks will represent up to a 60 percent reduction on existing tariffs. Visit Channel Hexus to see the full tariff and more information. So Vodafone has dropped data roaming prices in what looks like parts of Europe but they certainly could be more clear with the specific counties they are featuring in their deal. Let us no what you think of the roaming cuts by leaving a comment.