Safretti HDTV / Fireplace: 37-inch or 47-inch

Now I know what you are all thinking… What the heck is that? Exactly the same as I thought when I first saw it. Safretti have perhaps come up with hands down, the most pointless piece of furniture that you could ever think of.

From the picture it looks as though the TV is quite high up and I don’t know if you guys have literally the tallest sofa in the world or not but this seems like the worst invention of 2010. Where do you plug in your PlayStation or Xbox? How do you plug anything into it, most people have different gadgets attached to their TV, I know i have at least 3 or 4.

Joking aside if this is the sort of thing you are after then you have a choice of two models, you can either have a 37” or 47” HDTV in your fireplace. According to’s Joseph L. Flatley there hasn’t been a price tag added to this yet, quite frankly I don’t think they should bother, this will not sell in my opinion. You can read more about this ‘unique’ invention over at by clicking here.

Would you buy this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.