New Apple Retail Store For 2011: Amsterdam

Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have 29 Apple outlets, some may remember back in August when the large London Covent Garden store opened. I myself have been in there a few times and it really is a Mecca for Apple lovers to get their product kicks.

However of the 300 plus shops worldwide, Europe hasn’t got many to call their own. This is about to change with a report from Mashable telling of plans to introduce a store in Apples Benelux headquarters Amsterdam.

While the Dutch headquarters will retain its position of the Hirsch Buildings third floor, the ground floor is said to be the planned area for the store. According to Mashables source a temporary art gallery currently occupies the space but there are drawings for the revised layout.

No doubt while a store in the Netherlands has been on the cards for sometime, Dutch customers will pleased to see it finally arrive.

Have you visited one of Apples stores? Tell us what you thought, and check out Mashable for the floor plans and images of the proposed outlet.

  • Thetruth

    There are already two apples stores in Amsterdam, does it really need a third?

    Recession? What recession, if people are spending more and more money on utterly pointless iphones and expensive apple laptops, so they can read news websites and send sad emails.