Great Cyber Monday 2010 Deals – 5 Solutions

If you have got the retail bug and fancy racking up a nice credit card bill in exchange for some of the best tech deals around then we are here to help. Courtesy of PC World we will be bringing you the 5 best sites to spend those dollars on.

With more than 106 million Americans expected to participate in Cyber Monday, it is expected that 7 million of those will do the shopping on their mobiles, rising from last year’s 4 million. Surveys say that 88% of online retailers are set to offer some form of deal which can range from free shipping to discounts. For those of you who missed Black Friday 2010 then you have the chance to redeem yourself.

The first website you should have a look out for is, which is all about coupon codes. This site give tons of codes like 38 from the Hewlett-Packard store, 27 from Dell and 7 from RadioShack. These coupons can give you 10-30% off of your entire order. You can also check out some of the deals on offer through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The next website on the agenda is Cyber, which is run by, the digital division of the NRF. This really is the king of sites when it comes to all round deals. On the home page there are links to major websites offering Cyber Mondays deals such as Apple, Dell and Staples. This is the source for more than 700 retailers offering deals and coupons, and be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter also.

Now we have Gotta Deal, who simply display the top offers on their home page which range from a huge variety of different tech products. There is also a forum section where shoppers can write about what they are looking for and other customers can share the deals they have found. Once again this site can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Deal is another good site to search out the bargains as it contains links to some of the other websites offering good deals, as well as a special blue navigation bar that helps you find coupon codes for computer and electronics retailers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Sony. Also offered are links to pages of deals on laptops, HDTVs and mobile phones.

And finally you could just go to the retailers themselves if you have an idea of what you are looking for. Sites like eBay and Amazon will be posting huge one time only deals throughout the day like 72% off of DVDs and 27% off of HD TVs. We have provided the links to all of the sites for you to start your spending carnage. From all of us here at OSM, Happy Shopping!