Facebook Getting Skype Video Chat

Last month, “Skype” the communication platform for voice calls, instant messaging and file transfer revealed it’s plans to integrate with social networking site Facebook. It has been rumored that Facebook may be adding Skype video chat to the site. Today, news has come through that “Tal Ater” a Facebook app developer, has now found a “VideoChat” object in Facebook’s code.

According to Vadim at Mashable, the code seems to relate to Skype user IDs, and that it is currently being tried and tested out from Facebook using a select few users. It appears that the code is not consistent on the page loading. At this stage, although users can chat, call and SMS their Facebook friends via Skype now, it still remains to be seen when video chat will take place. Could it be that Facebook are developing their very own video chat benefiting it’s users to video chat with their Skype accounts?

So, it seems that what we can take away from today, is that Facebook and video chat is on it’s way, but it’s a matter of waiting.

What are your thoughts on Facebook introducing Skype Video Chat? Will this benefit you? To read more on this head on over to Mashable.

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    i have you

  • scratchfive

    as an early chrome os user, a web based version of Skype's video chat would be tremendous. If Facebook pulls this off I'll be the first to get on board

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