Facebook Deals: How To Get Traffic – Guide

If you’re keen on making the most of new types of marketing then you may be interested in finding out more on using Facebook as a marketing tool. As Facebook users and their friends and families can easily spread the word about products and services it’s a really useful way of getting your goods noticed.

Facebook Places has developed marketing on Facebook further as over half a billion members can now let their networks of friends know their locations and what they’re doing at that moment. Now, Facebook Deals has also been developed as a further marketing tool to not only lure customers but to repay them by for spreading the word about your business when they check in. We recently posted an article about a Facebook Deal from Gap for example. With Facebook Deals being available on users’ mobile devices, producers and services can offer deals directly to people within a location.

Tony Bradley of PCWorld over on ecoustics.com has written an extremely useful article on how Facebook Deals works and how to get traffic from it. His article first goes into detail on how to create an individual Facebook Deal by setting up a Deals marketing campaign. It explains the four different kinds of Facebook Deals available, Individual, Friend, Loyalty and Charity and describes how each of these campaigns can help your business.

The article goes on to tell how to get the best out of the campaign once you’ve set up a Deal, by keeping it simple and straightforward for instance, by making sure staff are well-informed about how the Deal works and also ensuring the necessary resources are in place to cope with demand generated by the Deal.

For much more on this read the full article on ecoustics.com. Are you involved in a business looking to get involved with Facebook Deals? We’d be interested in your thoughts on this so why not send us your comments.