Excited By Verizon iPhone 5 – Kevin Rose

While looking around we came across an interesting tweet from Digg founder Kevin Rose. In the tweet it basically says that AT&T sucks in San Francisco, and that he cannot wait for the iPhone on Verizon next year. Now does he have inside information, or is it just wishful thinking?

The actual tweet on his Twitter page went as follows “AT&T sucks in SF, very very excited to get the iPhone on Verizon next year.” Now we cannot say for certain if Big Red is to get the iPhone yet, but we have discussed on a number of occasions that it is coming.

However, we recently pointed out that we have no way of knowing if it will be an iPhone 4 or 5? It is no secret that we all have our own theories on that, and mine is that it will be a Verizon iPhone 5, but it will not launch in January, it will be when Apple launches the fifth-generation iPhone in the summer.

What are your thoughts on this tweet from Kevin Rose? Do you think that we are reading too much into it?

  • Greekboy

    Check out YouTube by greekthuglife69 see how Verizon treats their workers u already know how they treat u

  • Christopher

    I am holding out for Verizon iPhone as AT&T sux and love the iPhone. Best phone ever.

  • nc_sillyboy

    I will continue to wait, as will most people. I just wish they'd hurry up and announce what they are going to release; and when.

    Verizon's service is too reliable to reduce my true nationwide coverage to anything less.

  • Magic

    really.. that's your post.. that's it.. you're a idiot..


    Apple's next iphone will come to verizon sometime during the months of march or april or may. It will feature 4G as this comes to verizon in december 2010

  • sofiaa :D


  • Johndd

    In NYC too AT&T just has the worst reception..I could be on madison ave in midtown and only have 2 bars..this has been since my first Gen iPhone and every iphone after even my new iPhone 4..so excited for it to go to verizon..I will even have to break my contract but I would happily do that to get away from at&t

  • p1ywood

    AT & T has great problems penetrating old brick and plaster buildings in Hudson County NJ