Comcast Outage: Were You Affected?

Yesterday on the east coast of the US many places were left with severe Internet problems. Boston was affected but as many Twitter users informed everyone of, it was more than just Boston hit. The likes of Baltimore and Washington D.C were also offline.

A Comcast spokeswoman Doreen Vigue has said that their engineers are working aggressively to fix the problem and that there was no specific information about what cities were affected past Boston or what the cause was.

Apparently a few people on Twitter were saying it was to do with Comcast’s DNS settings and if you were to reset yours to the likes of Google then you would be able to use it without a problem. To read more about this head over to where Martyn Williams has done an article.

Rather unfortunate timing wouldn’t you say, with today being Cyber Monday people would have been wondering if they would be able to get their online deals. Were you affected yesterday? Did you change your DNS settings and did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Kevin Tracy

    Troubles hit the Midwest too with outages and poor connections in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Comcast needs some Viagra. It never seems to be up when you want to use it. I never thought I’d be happy to have my lousy 3G network from AT&T.

  • Aris

    In Champaign Illinois, and can't do anything and need to research for school, Comcast may be one of the worse companies in the world, i'm sure they will raise prices after this as well